Good Shepherd  has a multitude of ministries in which lay people commit their time and talents to lead and serve in the redeeming work and mission of Jesus Christ through His church. God has equipped each of us to do the work of ministry; we are all ministers. When we use our God given gifts in harmony with God’s will we experience immense personal fulfillment, others are blessed and God is glorified.

A sampling of some of the ministry opportunities available at Good Shepherd is provided below.

Liturgical Ministries

Visitor of the Sick and Lonely –   Visit shut-ins, those hospitalized and in Care facilities to pray, chat and share Holy Communion (must be trained and licensed)  –

Acolytes – Youth serve on the Altar for our Sunday morning liturgies assisting the clergy by carrying the cross and torches, and assisting in other tasks throughout the liturgy.

Altar Guild – prepares the church and altar for worship and maintains all the vessels, frontals, linens etc.  Gayle Polk and Jackie Carleton, co-chair Altar Guild.


Atar Guild Wedding Consultants – work with the wedding parties to prepare the church and to assist the priest in the mechanics of the wedding.   Contact Margie Collins 433-5244.

Chancel Choir – We are always in need of heavenly voices to assist us in worship.  Contact Jordy Stanley  – 433-5244

Greeters  & Ushers –  provide a welcome to worshippers entering the church answering questions about nursery and rest room locations and responding to questions about the liturgy. Ushers take attendance, assist communicants to and from the altar during communion, point out handicapped communicants to the priest for communion and are generally “on duty” to respond to any needs.

Eucharistic Ministers – are licensed by the Bishop to assist the priest  with the distribution of Holy Communion and help in the liturgy  by leading prayers and reading the scripture.  Interested persons should speak with the clergy.

Lector –   read the scriptures during the liturgy. A schedule is maintained and the readings are mailed in order to prepare. Youth and adults are encouraged to volunteer.

Oblationers –  Bring the gifts of bread, wine and the collection to the altar during the liturgy,. Everyone is encouraged to serve in this simple ministry including parents and children.

Teaching Ministries

Christian Education (Adults) – Sunday morning group discusses a variety of subjects usually with a DVD presentation. Opportunities to both teach and provided support. Contact Virginia Webb: 433-5244 and leave a message.

Christian Education (Children all ages) –  The times and places are in flux but opportunities to teach, support and  assist abound.  Contact Emily Williams 433-5244, with the good news of your interest.

Lay Pastoral Care, Hospitality & Parish Life

Angels on Wheels – provide a ride to church.

Breakfast Cooks – Teams of men prepare a great breakfast served between services on Sunday morning. Fellowship and great food are the result.  To join a team Contact: Fred Bennerscheidt  433-5244.   Donut Delivery – Pick up donuts prior to church for coffee hour – an essential ministry!  Contact Margie Collins – 433-5244

Flower Delivery –  Help rearrange and deliver Altar flowers to those in need on Monday or Tuesday.  Contact Gayle Polk – 433-5244
Funeral Hostess – Help prepare Hardtner Hall for visiting hours or light receptions in conjunction with funeral services. Contact Margie Collins – 433-5244
Meal Delivery – Prepare meals to freeze for parishioners during times of need. Fresh meals are also needed from time to time to deliver to for those recovering from surgery etc.

Notes to Friends & Students – Write notes to friends and college students who have left our area or are away at school. Receptionist volunteer – Spend a few hours at Good Shepherd answering the phone and doing various office tasks . Contact Margie Collins at the Church office. 433-5244

St. Cecilia’s Guild – a woman’s fellowship group of fun, food and learning.  Contact is Sandra Leder. – 478-5974

TLC –    Tea, Lemonade, and Care  provides newcomer information and conversation to our guests and visitors following the 10:30 service. To assist contact Sandra Leder, 478 5974.

Worship Schedule

Sunday Services – 8:30 am, 10:30 am 5:00 pm

Wednesday Service– 12:05 pm. Hearing augmentation devices are available from the ushers upon request.

Sunday (nursery provided)
8:30 Holy Communion – Rite 1 limited music – 715 Kirkman Street – Church of the Good Shepherd
Breakfast served September through May-9:30 a.m.

10:30 Holy Communion – Rite 2 -715 Kirkman Street – Church of the Good Shepherd

9:30 Adult Christian Education

10:30 Children’s Sunday School

5:00 pm: Holy Communion – Rite 2 – 715 Kirkman Street – Church of the Good Shepherd

8:00 EDS Morning Prayer -715 Kirkman Street – Church of the Good Shepherd

Noon: Holy communion with prayers for healing – Chapel -715 Kirkman Street – Church of the Good Shepherd

2:00 EDS Holy Eucharist -715 Kirkman Street – Church of the Good Shepherd