Good Shepherd is a community of faith that has something for just about everyone. We hope you feel the same way and that God leads you to become part of our flock. Membership at Good Shepherd is simple but profound. Any person whose baptism is recorded in our parish ledger, who regularly attends worship, and who is a contributor of record is a member of this church.  If you have already been Confirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church, we will send for your Letter of transfer from your former parish.

We are happy to have guests and visitors “swim along” with us as long as they like. When you are ready to become a bonifide member of our parish, we ask that you contact the office/clergy to have your baptism recorded in our ledger, request your own coded offering envelopes, and meet with our clergy and staff so that they can assist you in finding ministry opportunities that inspire you.  

To assist us fill out the CHURCH DATA SHEET (located on the tabbed section on the main page) and email it to us, drop it in the collection plate, or return it to the office.  Remember, at The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, there is always room for Ewe!

715 Kirkman
Lake Charles, La 70601
Phone: 337 433-5244
Fax: 337 439-8728

Sunday Services -
8:30 am
10:30 am
5:00 pm

Wednesday Service
12:05 pm

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Good Shepherd

Worship Schedule
Hearing augmentation devices are available from the ushers upon request.

 Sunday (nursery provided)

8:30 Holy Communion -          Rite 1   limited music - 715 Kirkman Street - Church of the Good Shepherd

Breakfast served September through May-9:30 a.m.

10:30 Holy Communion -   Rite 2  -715 Kirkman Street - Church of the Good Shepherd

9:30 Adult Christian Education

10:30 Children's Sunday School

5:00 pm: Holy Communion - Rite 2 - 715 Kirkman Street - Church of the Good Shepherd

8:00 EDS Morning Prayer -715 Kirkman Street - Church of the Good Shepherd

Noon: Holy communion with prayers for healing - Chapel -715 Kirkman Street - Church of the Good Shepherd

2:00 EDS Holy Eucharist -715 Kirkman Street - Church of the Good Shepherd

Please call the church office, 433.5244, if you or a family member would like a visit while in the hospital.  Home visits as well!

Eucharistic Ministers available to visit those in need of Home Communion, call Fr. Jack Myers or Margie Collins, 433.5244.